What Happens to Your Body When You Die?

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It’s a spooky question, but it doesn’t have to be: what happens to your body when you die? Even after you depart, there’s a lot of chemistry that still goes on inside you.

We teamed up with mortician and author Caitlin Doughty (@thegooddeath) to demystify death and talk about what happens postmortem.

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Special thanks to Raychelle Burks, Ph.D. (@drrubidium) for her help with this episode. Leave your comments and chemistry questions in the comments!


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  1. Become comfortable with the idea of your death. You'll be dead longer anyway. I don't want to be embalmed, that part isn't necessary really. I'm not cool with the idea of eye caps, my mouth being stitched closed, someone rubbing my corpse to get me out of rigor mortis so that formaldehyde can be pumped in.

  2. so what happens to the nice casket once u rot in it under ground? what would happen if u automatically switched with a rotting body and u were instantly teleported into the casket underground and the dead body was put were u were… what is the smell like?

  3. I've heard recently that a part of your body doesn't die when you die so if you've heard of that please extend on how it doesn't die and what will it do after you die

  4. Yeah, ok, that's fabulous, what I really would like to know is what happens to our consciousness, the so called "soul", when we drop dead…?!? It rises and gets into "the next life" or "heaven" or "hell" as some says or floats a little bit then vanish into the universe as some others said….?

  5. Excuse me, but the rigor mortis process is wrongly explained: It's the lack of ATP and not the lower bodytemperature that causes the stiffnes of the muscles. Or mostly the not-relaxing of them.

  6. If you stop to think for a moment while watching this video that even YOU at some point WILL die and go through all these stages, unavoidably, it becomes a lot more unsettling.

  7. Peaople think that everyone dies when your near 100 well that's wrong because there was this very old lady that survived because she ate healthy stuff and maybe you have a heart attack or someone shoots you anything can happen :O

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