Vacuum Candle Experiment – Science Experiments for School Kids

Make water defy gravity using this simple experiment. All you need for this experiment is some colored water, a candle and a glass.

Watch this experiment and try it at home to understand the amazing magic of science.


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  1. Am afraid the explanation is wrong for the reasons below. The reasons for it however are not as simple as heating the air in the glass. It is almost certainly a complex process, but one that students could explore for themselves. A great fun and challenging investigation….but please don't give a wrong explanation coz you are not yet sure what the right one is

  2. This is an example of misleading and at worst incorrect information. The explaination of oxygen being consumed is very misleading. Oxygen is combinding with the carbon and hydrogen atoms being released from the candle resulting in the formation of co2 gas and h2o vapor. In fact for every two oxygen gas molecules that react with the candle wax molecules one co2 and 2 h2o molecules are produced. This process is called combustion. This process actually increases the number of gas molecules

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