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  2. While I was doing this for my chemistry project, I accidentally breathed in some of the fumes whilst the sodium zincate was boiling. It tingled my nose a bit, but am I safe?

  3. this is alchemy!! you didnt actually turn anything into gold or silver. you couldve cut all the complication out and just spray painted it! its basically the same thing.

  4. i wonder how many people have tried to pass off copper as silver or gold this way for scams.
    As a kid i discoverd if i put U.S. pennies in my shoe, the sweat that bleed through my socks would cause it take on this really cool iridescence almost like an oil slick. I wonder if it is a similar reaction as this.

  5. Glad to see this demonstration. I performed this experiment properly ONCE. Thereafter it always failed. I think it was because I used mossy zinc, or it could have been because I did not have exposed metallic zinc with which the copper could react. US pennies since 1973 are zinc with a wash of copper. I've wondered — but have have not tested — if mild heating would cause the zinc core to react with the copper to produce a layer of brass. If so, it would be beneath the copper on the surface, but should be tougher than the copper itself. Have you ever played with this?

  6. This blew my mind to see zinc plate out onto copper! Usually it's the other way around. I purify precious metals for a living and this one caught me off guard. I also didn't expect zinc to dissolve in strong base. Keep sending cool videos like this one!!

  7. I did this at school several times for the new kids to show them some chemistry-tricks 😀 Was always cool to see the effect. But the Zn-Solution smells pretty bad. When i watched the video I instantly had this smell in my nose 😀 (after 10 and more years)

  8. It is not really sliver or gold, its a zinc and brass layering it just looks like gold and sliver. Could you imagine how worthless gold and sliver would be if you could create it this easily. (btw if you listened carefully she told already told you)

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