Top 5 Space Experiments

Things in space look a whole lot cooler than here on earth. Welcome back guys today’s video is on the top 5 amazing space experiments

Several segments are licensed under Creative Commons (CC)
NASA (CC), Canadian Space Agency (CC)

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  1. 4:50 i am way too high for that clip of him being sped up while spinning, i dont know why but that had me laughing so hard, probably just because its so absurd, on earth i dont know if anyone could be spun around that long without getting severely sick. he looks like he's a load of laundry spinning around the wash

  2. Can we carry out the experiment, described in PART 3 of the link , and register and measure experimentally velocities V2 and V3 under weightlessness conditions? (The only necessary requirement is that the experiment must be evaluated, controlled and supervised (at least distantly) SOLELY AND ONLY by a highly qualified expert (P. D.) in theoretical and applied mechanics. (Otherwise nothing will come of it.))

  3. Man being an astronaut must be required to have steel of mind, the anxiety attack always occur pretty much all the time thinking about it. What happens if one electrical wiring fails or some panels on the station detached which can cause the space station to disintegrate, I mean seriously. You're on space, the outside is a harmful environment that can kill you instantly. You're pretty much independent on life support. Just thinking about being on space is pretty disturbing. Cool but pretty disturbing.

  4. It’s so sad that people would rather give their attention and time to useless celebrities and pop stars while these guys are pushing the limits of understanding our space and life… SMH i hope y’all understand what I mean

  5. here's a quick wake up for you noobies WHY THE FUCK YOU WOULD BE PLAYING WITH WATER INSIDE A SPACE STATION WHERE THEY'RE COMPUTER ETC…. ppl please wake up to These bull shit lies

  6. Interesting. Earth was hit by an asteroid 10 trillion years ago, and yet based on newtons 6th law, we (earthlings) remain in the same orbit? Doesn't sound logical.

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