The Sci Guys: Science at Home – SE1 – EP14: The Naked Egg and Osmosis

Welcome to the fourteenth episode of The Sci Guys. In this episode we will be investigating an experiment involving the creation of a naked egg and then going through the process of shrinking and growing our egg through osmosis. We will show you how you can explore this topic at home with a bunch of simple household items and a laser.

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Equipment and Ingredients:
1 x Egg
1 or More Glasses
Corn Syrup
Food Colouring
Old Spoon
Lab Coat or Apron

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  1. I am curious to know what happens if you break the blue egg as it is clear the colorant is on its surface. Listening your explanation it is clear to me that the colorant should remain on the surface of the egg, however it should not going inside. If you break the blue egg, do you find the colorant inside or not?

  2. Thank you for walking through this experiment step by step. As a new Biology teacher, this helped me when I did this experiment in class. I like that you added the food coloring!

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