Test acids with home-made pH indicator – Live Experiments (Ep 35) – Head Squeeze

WARNING: This experiment uses corrosive materials. Use protective gloves.

Jon Chase creates his own acidity indicator and then tests a series of household products.

What are Acids:

Acid Indicators:

Red Cabbage indicator:

Household acids and bases:

You need:
Red Cabbage
Knife/ Blender
Ice Cube trays
Household ingredients
Six clear glasses
Rubber gloves

Chop up cabbage
Put cabbage in blender with some water
Strain solution into a bowl using the jug
Pour your household ingredients in to the glasses
Leave one glass empty
Add the cabbage solution

Live Experiments: Our resident science demo thrill-seekers will give the YouTube audience their big science treat each week with an experiment where you can find out how to make food dance, power a light bulb with household objects and create mega smoke rings!



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  1. Huh, I've noticed before that whenever I make a batch of Kimchi out of red cabbage it gradually changes color from dark muddy purple to florescent pink over the course of a week as it ferments and sours. Now I know why!

  2. Good experiment, and good explanation. I would however want him to stress the fact that you never put the water into the acid. It is always the other way around, since otherwise, the reaction can be very exothermic and start to boil and splashing acid around. It is good to reinforce these points early so they are in the back of peoples minds when they start to experiment with more concentrated solutions or heavier stuff.


  3. He's not "gangsta", I agree, but he's almost certainly from a West Indies (Caribbean) background. Lots of people from those places moved to the UK in the 70s, and they have a distinct accent which sounds a lot like "gangsta" accent, but is distinct from it.

    Well, maybe "gangsta" culture is trying to imitate Caribbean accent, I don't know. At any rate, it doesn't concern Jon.

  4. I felt like this was an explanation of the pH scale for dummies. The only new thing I learned was red cabbage has a natural indicator of pH..nevertheless, good job on the video

  5. Potentially the most patronising video I've watched in a while… The people watching this video are probably not stupid, so don't treat us like it!
    Also, speak properly, you're not a 'gangsta' and it doesn't make science cool. 

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