Targeted Individuals Ur not alone, Penpals & a little assistance

Targeted Individuals *Take back Ur power, Transform Urself & enjoy Heaven on earth*

Hey Divine…Let’s face it, yes we are isolated on purpose. But can we change an aspect of it, will they let us??? IDK 😐 but it’s worth a try. Lets exchange PO box 📦 and address information and see, but you must let go of fear. This is a great way to test and see what level of this game you’re on.

I’ve done this 📬with my little girls, just to get back to the basics of being creative and having fun the old fashion way and we love 💕 it.

💕Spiritual chit chat w/a twist of guidance 💕
if one of youssss need to talk I’m here for yousss LoL

Blissful thoughts 😘

Instagram welltransformedsoul

P.S. HELP!!! if it aint one thing… i can’t connect my G+ account to my vids. I had no problems last year and now that button vanished from the basic info spot. If anyone can direct me that would be great, i go a sneaky suspicion that its done on purpose.

If so ohhh well,


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  1. Snail mail??? I'm too targeted to receive my mail. They kept my mail from me for months.

    And, pray tell, who are these TI's that don't call themselves TI's and are living " in heaven"?

    Life for TI's is a constant battle one way or another. And, I am one who looks at the glass half full, I literally smell the roses, I find joy in nature and nurturing the young.

  2. I'm not understanding your hello. The world is at war with Jewish people, so if you are not really Jewish, I would not let on that you are.

    Also, Jesus is real. He could read minds. We, as targets, know what that means.

  3. You don't have to go through any fire and this is not going through fire. What is being done to us is criminal and dehumanizing. You are in a victims mentality and you are saying it's ok I deserve it. No, you don't deserve this. God and angles will be with you when you die, but for now we have physical body and we are in hell.

  4. Sis…
    Love yoo waited all my life fa this tyme!!!
    They bother me not!!! They work hard to….
    I saw all i needed to some really dont know what tyme it is…..
    These stalkers and perps are so funny!!!
    And are truly demons with no soul
    .Its all fa your benefit yall….
    If yoo dot stop your addictons they will only continue or get worse because like sis said yoo have a spiritual mission….
    They are getting yoo right yoo have no other choice….
    It is the end of wrong!!!!

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