Supercooled Water Nucleation Experiments

Relatively pure water cooled slowly below the freezing point may remain liquid (supercooled). It may then crystallize into ice quickly by some catalyst: here, strong vibrations, and seeding by an ice crystal.

And no — for those who have seen sodium acetate and don’t understand supercooled liquids — this is NOT sodium acetate; it is just pure drinking water. Don’t even bother suggesting otherwise; this issue has been covered completely in the comments.


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  1. all ya gotta do, is put it in a freezer set to ~ 10 degrees.  Don't disturb it.  after like 4-6 hours take it out, it shouldn't be frozen so long as you/anything else hasn't touched it.  once you open it, or disturb it, it will freeze.

  2. its not poisonous, if you had been drinking pure water all your life and drink tap water, tap water can be just as "diarrhetic" as going from tap to pure, but yes, there are many nutrients in tap water(added by a municipality's water supply) that most people dont get from their normal diet, the "poisoning" comes from osmosis, when those nutrients inside cells try to homogenize to ouside, or vise versa

  3. i thought that is super cooled because there was no impurities then adding something would make the ice crystals form round it, so how did the shaking work?

  4. Regular water works -.- if you leave it in the freezer for about 3-5 hours take it out while its still water and you open it it will turn like this even my 7 year old cousin new this -.-

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