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For Squishy Circuits
Safety Materials are provided in the kit : a pair of rubber gloves , goggles , apron.
Battery Operated SQUISHY CIRCUITS made using Coloured Clay Dough, organic turmeric powder and LED’s
Electric play dough for girls & boys age 4+.
Build squishy butterfly , squishy penguin, squishy turtle , squishy caterpillar, squishy car & many more….
Squishy circuits has two basic types of dough conducting dough & non conducting dough.
Try to tinker which type of dough conducts electricity.
Kit contains : squishy mix , cream of tartar , modelling clay , 3V battery holder , LED lights , Petri dish, stirrer , spatula , oil, salt, turmeric powder .
DIY squishy circuits of different colours , shapes & size.
Safe , non toxic , eco friendly dough.
Develop hands-on-skills, creativity ,& tinkering .
Toy for Skill Development Colours & Shapes.

We are Teachers, Engineers, Designers, Architect, Microbiologist, Mathematician – we are the Innovation & Design team at Butterflyfields. The products have been designed after understanding the needs of Indian education system through 1000+ hours of teacher interactions, 10,000+ hours of student interactions. Each product comes through 100+ hours of dedicated R&D and has been refined over after observing its usage by 5000+ children.
We don’t stop here though– Through continuous innovation, we strive to offer you better and more each year and join hands with you to make a difference!


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