Seeing the invisible (Science Tricks)

Brain Teasers & Science Tricks
(Головоломки и занимательные эксперименты). Step by Step lessons.
Enjoy a good brain teaser? Then you’ve come to the right place! Puzzles with matches, coins, paper, thread and the like await you! Solve the riddles yourself or challenge your friends. And there’s more here than just brain teasers. Do you like doing experiments? Great! And if are you one of those who thinks science is boring–be prepared for a surprise! You can perform the tricks and fun experiments here–all with simple scientific explanations–to the amazement of your friends and turn yourself into a wizard, magician–and genius! Enjoy family time together that’s both fun and informative! Is that really possible? Of course! And surprisingly easy! Our lessons with step-by-step instructions and photos will easily guide you through the world of science magic! Simply genius!


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