Science for kids – How to make bouncing eggs – ExpeRimental #12

Make bouncy eggs and experiment with the chemistry of liquids around the house in this science activity to do with children.
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ExpeRimental is a series of videos showing fun, cheap, simple science activities to do with 4-10 year olds.

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Make an uncooked egg bounce! ExpeRiment with different liquids to see what effect they have on eggs. And learn how the acid in household liquids like orange juice and vinegar react with eggshells and make them dissolve, leaving the inside of the egg intact. Olympia and her daughters, Viola and Elodie investigate what effects different liquids have on an egg. They discover that some don’t cause large changes while others make the shell dissolve altogether. In this simple, if a little bit messy, science experiment they learn that although liquids might look the same, they can be very different inside. They see what happens when they drop the egg after they’ve dissolved its shell. Will it bounce?

If you don’t want to use up an egg for this activity, it can be done with just the shell of an egg – simply put pieces of empty egg shell in the liquids and see what happens.

This series of ExpeRimental is supported by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

ExpeRimental, brought to you by the Royal Institution of Great Britain, is a series of free short films that make it fun, easy and cheap to do science at home with children aged 4 to 10. Our films give you lots of ideas for kids’ activities that will help you explore the world around you, question and experiment together. We’ll show you how to do the activity and how to make sure adults and children get the most out of it. Why not have a go and then tell us what you think on our Facebook page?

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