Science Experiments with Potassium Permanganate | Szydlo's At Home Science

Andrew takes us on a journey to London’s Shepherd’s Bush Market in 1960, exploring the splendid chemistry of potassium permanganate. Along the way, he will explore redox reactions, colour changes and even the “devil’s element”, phosphorus.
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0:00 Introduction and a trip to Shepherd’s Bush Market
7:10 Intro to Potassium Permanganate
14:50 Dilutions and Avogadro’s number
17:00 The chemistry of manganese
24:25 Complex ions
31:40 Oxygen and combustion
40:00 Phosphorus

Andrew Szydlo is a chemist and secondary school teacher at Highgate School, well-loved by pupils and Ri attendees alike.

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  1. Oh gosh, oh golly, are we excited! While we have been away from our building for three months now, our friend, the most wonderful chemistry teacher Andrew Szydlo, has sent us a gift like no other – an entire series of chemistry videos, filmed in his home and exploring concepts such as the chemistry of coins and photography, how a chainsaw works and even how to fix a leaking tap. We're so excited to watch these and to share them with you!

  2. In school it was my favorite thing.) If you make Al-Permanganate powder then you can initiate it with just a couple of wires and about 80-100 V of electricity from capacitor. It's very robust and reliable thing that doing well in very wide range of temperature and works very fast.

  3. you cannot buy KMnO4 now in EU as it is a precursor for drugs. U need government permit to get any. I played with it a lot when I was young, it was during the communism, yet we could get it then.

  4. Thank you so much for this video series. Love it! Your teaching style is so retro and reminds me of my whacky A Level
    lecturer back in the day. Great way to remember “stuff’. This one in particular is Outstanding as I remember writing “Potassium Permanganate” for any substance that I couldn’t identify in my A level Chemistry exam. Happy Days 🙂 Keep up the good work and keep it old skool.

  5. While 8 billion is indeed 8 million million in most of the world, this is not true in English-speaking countries that have adopted the american "short billion" (one thousand million). The population of the Earth is about 7600 million (not 8 000 000 million).

  6. So fantastic, we love us some LORD OF FIREEEE! o/
    Andrew Szydlo has given out the best gift in the form of these videos during this time, even cannibalizing his Triumph and holding Oscar hostage in his basement to provide us quality edutainment <3

  7. This man was my Chemistry teacher. He was also ran the photography club, the automobile society, the beekeeping club, and was co-leader of a club called "Operatic society" which was in actual fact a chamber orchestra/fine dining club, where he bought nice cheeses for us to eat and played the viola. Man is a force of nature.

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