Science Experiments with Eggs and Balloons by HooplaKidz Lab

HooplaKidz Lab brings to you a collection of aome amazing science experiments that you can do at home using eggs and balloons | The Science of Eggs and Balloons by HooplaKidz Lab | Like me on Facebook:



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  1. That was fun. My grandkids (5-13) will enjoy these. Your vocal delivery is excellent: expressive but not condescending or silly.
    . . . . . The egg in vinegar also works if the egg remains in the shell. The shell disappears and you end up with an egg inside a translucent sack. It's quite odd, because you can see the yolk. The "white" of the egg loses its viscosity, so when the sack gives up, it will be a little messy and stinky.
    . . . . . Now about the balloon on the pins: is that a similar principal to people lying on a bed of nails? If they stepped on one, it would go through, but lying on an array distributes the weight. Hmmm… I won't be experimenting with that.

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