Reverse osmosis water purification scam: Hidden camera investigation (CBC Marketplace)

Clean Water, Dirty Tricks: Marketplace goes undercover to expose the techniques used in door-to-door sales of water purification systems — devices that can cost thousands of dollars, but which most people simply may not need.
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  1. The filtration system only filters water at the tap it's installed to, not the household water supply. I only drink distilled water because I don't want fluoride, which these filtration systems leave behind.

  2. aqualife scam do not buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 years still paying this crap ,note if you need something done, go to search pay in cash installed yourself or get a good contractor don't get scammed by sealers

  3. Notice its always women get conned. They need a sensible man in their life to share all their decision making and love them for there honest caring and faithful nature.
    Just as the Creator intended.

  4. Reverse osmosis is the only way to filter floride from water. Reverse osmosis filters are the best filter you can purchase. What is wrong with you! Your video is the scam.

  5. This is totally misinformation!!
    The fact is, there are two types of minerals. Those which are organic ( Organized and living) and inorganic (unorganized and dead).
    Water is of a negative charge and it is IMPOSSIBLE for pure water to pull those organic minerals from the body as they are of the same charge. Pure water is natures vaccume cleaner for the body. It can only pull those minerals which are inorganic and build up in the joints as arthritis.
    This is actually a very real test and there are much more properties in that water than just minerals. I personally have drank pure distilled water for years and have seen such benefits thay the only reason I can see programs like this exsist is to fear monger and keep people sick.
    Steam distillation is the best method to obtain pure drinking water and works in the same way as nature through evaporation, precipitation and rain.

  6. "So there is a chemical in tap water called Dihydrogen Monoxide. It is a toxic chemical that can lead to lubricated joints. With this purification system, you'll still have it in your tap water because Dihydrogen Monoxide is water. This purification system is useless." – Salesmen 2019

  7. Costco has the same deal for a couple of hundred. People are ignorant. One carbon filter will remove all chlorine. Reverse osmosis rids the water of particles down to ppm and minerals too. Chlorine destroys reverse osmosis membranes and a carbon filter should be the first inline filter on any RO system. Go to a hardware store and buy a carbon filter for under 100 bucks, install it in the main water line. Presto, all chlorine is eliminated. Now if you choose to still use reverse osmosis to remove all fluoride and other contaminants, then proceed to order a Costco unit for a few hundred dollars.

  8. the test done by real professional showing "minerals in our water are "good for us I DONT THINK SO!!! it looks like crap I wouldn't drink it REVERSE OSMOSIS from rocky ridge is clean with no sludge oh sorry "minerals in it F off market place watched a show of market place and your boss gave you a number that used 666 in it, of all the numbers to use, devil lovers!!! GOD BLESS PS DONT DRINK YOUR CITYS TAP WATER , MY DOCTOR WHEN I WAS YOUNG IN OTTAWA TOLD ME NOT TO DRINK THE WATER OR ESPECIALLY COOK WITH IT, IT HAS THE HIGHEST LEAD CONTENT IN ALL OF ONTARIO, OH AND THE CITY ALSO HAS THE HIGHEST COUNTS OF PROSTATE, BREAST AND ALHEIMERZS AND GUESS WHAT CAUSES ALL 3, LEAD!! She also said the drinking water has highest content of oxy's , and prescription drugs because it has high population of elderly on prescription drugs and pee it into the water. Look into it

  9. Those were 2 different test that gave the two bad water samples a different appearance so this is not good proof. I think what they are doing is covering the real state of water in ontario. the water is that bad. It is recycled hundreds of time then put back through the municpal water system. So they are covering up the true condition of the water. That's my take because those water test had two totally different visible results. They gave a simple theory and dismissed it. Just boil your water or buy water in glass bottles and don't be taken by this international water scam. It's everywhere. Take care of yourselves to the best of your ability. It's just the way of the world these days.

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