Protein Chemistry: How Does it Prove That God is an Intelligent Creator?

What is protein chemistry and does it help us understand intelligent creation?

Biochemistry investigates the chemical processes within and related to living organisms. Combining biology and chemistry, Biochemists can understand and solve biological problems by applying chemical knowledge and techniques.

Listen as Dr. Isabel de Moraes, a biochemist, explains how she sees God as an intelligent creator and how science can help us understand the incredible structure of God’s creation, the human body, and how membrane proteins helped her faith grow.

Learn more about how science and a Biblical worldview can coexist together by visiting the GeoScience Research Institute at


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  1. Thank you Dr Standish for presenting this wonderful Christian Scientist and her unique testimony and working environment. The story was faith building and educational.

  2. Thank you, I found that really interesting x I would be interested in Dr Moraes' professional view on the 'vaccines' we are being strongly directed to take, my understanding is that they affect the workings of proteins but in a way that changes our genetics in some way x much love and God Bless from the UK xx

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