Plant Intelligence 'IF' plants are sentient?

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Plant Intelligence ‘IF’ plants are sentient?

Life fills the earth and so far it is the only planet we know of that supports it
A wide range of animals populate the globe from microbes to whales these diverse forms populate every niche on the planet.
But there is one group of life form that tends to get over looked and are probably the most successful group of living things in all of history.
Plants form the base of all ecosystems, they are the producer’s taking the suns energy and converting this light energy into chemical energy in the form of carbohydrates.
Today more and more people are becoming vegetarian or vegan. There is a wide range of reasons why but primarily for most, they do not see the need to make animals suffer for our food.
For them eating plants soothes their conscience, plants do not exhibit qualities that we associate with conscientious or do they?
Science has begun to show that they may indeed be sentient.
Back In 2005, a group of international scientists established The Society for Plant Neuro-biology.
This group set out to study the sophisticated behavior found in plants.
In these studies it was discovered that plants are much more sophisticated then was first thought.
They discovered evidence that plants could sense what’s around them and in ways more sophisticated than animals.

How is this possible?

The only question we ever need.


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  1. Such a great video! Makes me rethink my definition of sentience. Plants lack a nervous system though, so they certainly can't think in the same way an animal does, let alone a human. Also thumbs up for Swamp Thing!

  2. So then vegans soothe their minds saying oh eating plants is ok but eating animals isnt yet plants are indeed alive… No kidding life eats other life no escape!! But we all gotta eat and refuel somehow so whether meat or plants its necessary but both are living nice video!!

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