Physical and Chemical Changes

Physical and Chemical Changes. Can you identify these changes as I make lemonade in this video! What is the Difference between Physical and Chemical Changes? It’s all explained in this video with interesting examples and exciting experiments!
Try the Top 3 Questions at the end of the video and write your answers & doubts in the comments below!

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  1. hello question lang po… What is the the chemical change of ripening of fruits, burning of woods, food spoils, lightning of fireworks?

  2. hello question lang po… What is the the chemical change of ripening of fruits, burning of woods, food spoils, lightning of fireworks?

  3. Q 1. a)physical change
    b)chemical change
    c)chemical change
    d)physical change

    Q 2. Cooking is a chemical change because when we cook the raw vegetables , cereals ,etc. then we get a new substance with new properties with a different taste and colour which can't be reversed. For example, if we make a potato fry then, the raw potato is very much different from the cooked one. It also tastes and smells different from the raw one. Thus, from this we can make out that cooking is a chemical change.

    Q 3. The three difference between chemical and physical change is that, chemical change are irreversible but physical changes are reversible, a new substance is formed in chemical change but no new substance is formed in a physical change and the energy change is large in chemical change but in a physical change it is small.

  4. Answers:
    Q1) a. Physical change
    b. Chemical change
    c. Chemical change
    d. Physical change
    Q2) Cooking of food is obviously, a chemical change since the raw vegetables when cooked cannot be reversed back into raw vegetables hence, cooked food / vegetables are completely new substances from the raw vegetables or we can take example as chapati, raw wheat chapati is completely different from cooked chapati hence we can say that cooked chapati is a new substance because it cannot be reversed back into raw chapati.
    Q3) i. In physical change no new substance is formed whereas in chemical change new substance is formed with new properties.
    ii. The changes can be reversed in physical change but not in chemical change.
    iii. The mass of the substance after a physical change and before it remains the same but, in case of chemical change the mass of the substances generally changes but if we compare the total mass of the reactant side and total mass of product side it remains the same.

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