Northwoods Scientist | Science Projects for Home | Part 2

Northwoods Scientist is my homeschool science channel, most of the projects are just neat things folks can do in earth sciences at home. Remember to take this opportunity to subscribe to the channel- Santa was kind and gave me some new equipment that will make the channel better in 2020!!!

Happy Holidays to you and your families!
Bob the Science Guy

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My Playlist:

Playing Chess with Pigeons (Individual flat earth debunks)

North Woods Scientist (Interesting Science Videos)

Let’s Talk About Things with Dr. Bob (Patient Education)

Flat Earth Clueless (Mark Sargent Flat Earth Clues)

Eric Dubay Zealot or Conman? (Review of Eric Dubay’s Videos)

Flat Earth Engineer (Balls Out Physics/Brimc-scqan Mullin)

Flat Earth Can’t Science (the Series that Started it All)


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  1. I for one love the long format stuff. Bob’s science tv!
    Listening to you while drawing artwork for an animated short I’m working on for Nature Video. Closest thing I have as a freelancer to feeling like there’s a colleague working next to me. 🙂

  2. Bob, I love your content and I find a kind of perverse pleasure in watching you and others (Blue marble, Where's Wally) rebut the flat earth arguments. I don't believe the main proponents (Eric Dubay, Mark Sargeant, etc.) actually believe the earth is flat. I believe they are engaged in somehow obtaining revenue through views, likes, and advertising. These long posts of yours that are several hours long are unwatchable, I get it, but please change your focus and take the time to edit it down into manageable time frames, perhaps 30 minutes or less. You're awesome, and in the words of another flat earth debunker, flat earthers are idiots – keep up the good work.

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