MSRE: Alvin Weinberg's Molten Salt Reactor Experiment – "Th" Thorium Documentary

Oak Ridge National Laboratory was the home of Alvin Weinberg’s Molten Salt Reactor Experiment. The MSRE proved that a fission reaction in molten fluoride salts could be contained in Hastelloy-N, and that a molten salt fueled reactor concept was viable.

Two prototype molten salt reactors were successfully designed, constructed and operated at ORNL. The Aircraft Reactor Experiment in 1954 and Molten-Salt Reactor Experiment 1965-1969. Both used liquid fluoride fuel salts. The MSRE demonstrated fueling with U-233 and U-235. Alvin Weinberg was removed from his post and the MSR program closed down in the early 1970s. Aircraft Reactor Experiment & Molten Salt Reactor Experiment remain the only molten salt reactors ever operated.

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References: Alvin Weinberg IEEE Global History Network Thorium Advocate Tour of ORNL. MSRE Researchers interview near ORNL. Google Tech Talk – Why didn’t Th-MSR Happen? Authors@Google – Richard Martin “Thorium: Superfuel”. Stephen Boyd on Silicon Carbide & Molten Salt Compatibility Driving Force Radio on Thorium & Flibe Energy Interview with Paul Haubenreich Hot Radiator Cap DASH CAM HD Mechanic Opens Radiator Hot Coolant Generating Energy With Sunlight, Mirrors, and Molten Salt.

“Thorium & MSRE: Alvin Weinberg’s Molten Salt Reactor Experiment” is chapter 9 of a documentary called “Th”, about the element Thorium. The entire documentary can be found at…

“Th 09” is “Th” thorium documentary Part 9, iteration v477.


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  1. The self importance of government leaders have cost their people over and over again. Another example is the government of Canada stopping the development of the AVRO Arrow, a 1960's supersonic long range jet fighter that would have been able to compete favorably with today's jet fighters.

  2. 20:47 Nixon even brags about how uneducated he is. This is despicable.
    At the bare minimum he should have advisors that explain it to him before he speaks about it.
    If he can't even grasp the concepts with all the advisors explaining it to him, he has no place near the decision making process.

  3. This video alone is at least 5yrs old and still not a damned thing has been done to place this science into practical use. The fossil fuel industry has a stranglehold on our worthless and corrupted government officials and is always working in the shadows to keep us all enslaved.

  4. LFTRs ( Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors ) are the way to go. Just need more money and smarts put behind the tech to get them up and running. It's will save the world and give enough clean, cheap, safe energy for the whole planet. Spread the word!

    Here is a link to it, Watch it.
    Full video.

    LFTRs can consume legacy plutonium stockpiles

    To support this project, please visit:
    Entities pursuing Molten Salt Reactors are…
    Flibe Energy –
    Terrestrial Energy –
    Moltex Energy –
    ThorCon Power –
    Transatomic –
    Seaborg –
    Copenhagen Atomics –
    TerraPower –
    Bhabha Atomic Research
    Centre –
    Chinese Academy of Sciences –
    Regular Thorium conferences are organized by:

  5. Thorium is approaching the tipping point as far as public knowledge is concerned. It's taking the powers that be every finger and toe they have to plug the holes in the dyke.
    Communication. Effective, clear, easy to understand communication, is what Thorium needs now to push past the forces seeking to keep it from reaching mass consciousness.
    And, I heard from the DC grapevine that Thorium IS on President Trump's radar FINALLY. So, we need to concentrate on getting the public to talk about it. I think bringing it down to the day to day, human level, like: "How would you and your family like to use as much energy as you want for 5 bucks a month? Or something like that. Little memes to get people talking about it over Thanksgiving dinner with the family etc.

    Over the decades I've known about Thorium, I've never seen as much interest from the public as I do now. Keep up the great and vital work. With each new form of energy, civilization rises to a new, more advanced level. From human/animal based work, to water wheels, to wood, to coal which brought us to the industrial age, to oil etc which brought us to the Space Age. Imagine what age Thorium will bring us to. That's what we're talking about. An entirely new age and bright future can be ours IF we want it. It doesn't have to be a hellish dystopia that sucks. Unlimited, cheap, clean, safe energy will end poverty, hunger, homelessness and all scarcity based economic insecurities faster than any Price System scarcity based socialism or communism or any other scarcity based economic system.

  6. This is interesting i was researching weeks ago about chemistry in general and realized that salts could be used instead of water in a boiler system or as battery storage…then i came across a video of salt batteries and now So i just realized how far behind i am in this technology…i honestly thought i was inventing something but ya.
    I live in canada which is unfortunate because of the lack of products that are even available to buy here but fortunately this causes me to invent and reuse waste to make into more usable compounds/products/components etc…
    However if i lived in america i would just go to walmart and go buy it…lmao
    Seriously though the lack of products here is so immense that people here dont even know of there existence or think that the product is illegal.
    As for the video i dont think it will be available in canada as the one guy stated we dont even fully recycle anything here to its fullest extent not even close then making a jump to this before hand..i doubt it but lets say it did no person would benefit besides the ceos ,politicians, investors,banks etc… They will be like "we have to much energy the demand is low so your rates go up" .

  7. I'm an aerospace engineer and nuclear energy is a complex subject to understand but once it sinks in you realize why the hell weren't all nuclear reactors LFTRs in the first place, given their inherent safety? Just imagine Fukushima, Chernobyl, if they were liquid salts, you'd never have the explosions with the release of radioactive clouds. The fluids would've just safely ended up in the drain tanks. I get that we needed PWR for nuclear weapons but all the civilian reactors should've been LFTRs. All these guys/gals are brilliant-I really hope LFTRs become mainstream.

  8. My father started his career in nuclear energy management at Oak Ridge, then he went to Idaho Falls then Pittsburgh, then he started consulting and finally worked for DOE, he's retired now.

  9. When you break or separate the elements of the nucleus of an atom,  be thorium or whatever, you will always have radiation, which is not friendly to life. So what are you going to do with the used up thorium which is very highly radioactive? There are inventions that produce energy, from sea waves, sea currents and tidal waves 24/7.  Abundant clean energy forever. Which can produce energy as powerful or more powerful than nuclear power plants. With zero emissions or radiation.  And you do not have to dig out of planet earth, elements like thorium. Also in the process destroying our planet.

  10. If you'd like to get involved in my project below you can find me on (you know where) and give me a friend request with possible private note. The image you want to fine tune to is an ethereal shot of me with multiple colored lasers lighting up my face that differentiates me from others that share my name. 🙂
    We'll go with the press releases as well to expose the public as much as we can this vital power source.

  11. I am a fan of nuclear energy and think that Thorium is a great idea. But, you guys are either misinformed or just plain ole lying about the nuclear powered bomber idea being a bad idea. First off Enrico Fermi was the man who came up with the idea. Second it is clear as day that this is what is taking place at AREA-51. Yes, it is not ET's there helping us to reverse engineer space craft. We have a manned nuclear powered aerospace program being run from there. It is the American Baiknour Cosmodrome. The evidence for this is the notorious Hanger-18. It has the same foot print as the TAN hanger 629. This was the hanger for the nuclear bomber that was built in Idaho. It is a large hanger with reprocessing facilities built right next to it. The reprocessing facilities have been greatly expanded though at AREA-51.

  12. Although highly interesting, the editing gives this documentary a nice ADD feeling… more confusing  than understandable for a layman. Mmm..  Explain this to me like I'm a 5 year old who is desperately searching for ANY "out of the box" technology to save our planets environment on short term notice…. (If we are not behind the 8-ball already)

  13. There are many financial giants, getting on a bit.
    Why can't they make their life memorable by backing Thorium, with their billions?
    Warren B.. How about it?

  14. wow so the byproducts of a molten salt reactor, are fissile materials. which in turn can be used to create energy in a solid fuel reactor and produce "nuclear waste" which is actually more fuel for a molten salt reactor. this is a new age solution to our dilemma. recycle your nuclear byproducts.

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