Most AMAZING Experiments You Can Try At Home!

Check out the Most AMAZING Experiments You Can Try At Home! From 5-minute crafts to cool diy projects, this top 10 list of science experiments you can try yourself is absolutely amazing!

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8. The Power of a Vacuum
What is a vacuum? How can you explain what one looks like or how it works if you can’t see it? What we know is that a vacuum can represent emptiness or a void, and can also stuff in like a vacuum cleaner. There’s a very simple test that you can do to demonstrate the concept.

7. Reflection and Refraction
How we perceive light in the world itself is an important part of our lives. But light is something can be manipulated when it reaches your eye, not unlike a mirage in a desert. There are other tricks though, such as making something seem invisible when it’s clearly not.

6. Insect Hotel
Bugs are everywhere in the world, but they don’t all live in the same places, they each have their own special habitats, and to help illustrate that, you can teach your kids how to make a “Insect Hotel”. Or make one yourself!! Science is not just for kids!!! I like bugs too, just not crawling all over me.

5. Animated Marker
What makes up something can have a big effect on how it’s affected by other substances. A dry erase marker is a great example of this. For this experiment, you’ll need a glass dish, bowl, or similar material, a dry erase marker, and some water.

4. Instant Ice
The three states of water are solid, liquid, and vapor. But getting one state to the other may not take as much effort as you might think. For this experiment, you’ll need some solid ice, and a bottle or two of purified water. It has to be purified water, you’ll see why soon.

3. DIY Lava Lamp
Lava Lamps were a staple of the 60’s, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get one now, or even better, make one of your own. All you’ll need here is a plastic container with smooth sides, some vegetable oil (mineral or baby oil is also acceptable), water, Alka-Seltzer (or similar agent), and some food coloring.

2. Rocket Noodle
How would you like to make a very simple rocket engine in your own home? Here’s how you would need to do it, and it doesn’t take any machinery outside of a lighter. Get a jar, preferably one that has a lid with a very small hole in the middle. In the jar, mix yeast and hydrogen peroxide. After mixing, quickly put the lid back on. Then, get an uncooked noodle of pasta, like Rigatoni, something tube-like in shape and yet can fit in the hole in the jar lid.

1. Tornado in a Bottle
The all-time classic do-it-yourself experiment, you can create a tornado-like effect just by having water in some bottles. Here’s what you need. You need two 2-liter bottles of soda. Empty them (preferably without wasting the soda) and then fill one up about halfway with water. Then, via a tube or very heavy tape, put the two open ends of the bottles together (keeping the one with the water at the bottom for now) and seal them.


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  1. Very cool experiments….Have seen some of these already…..and I have also tried two of these myself….I will try rest in coming weeks and share with you as well….

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