Mini Gas Generator & Microscale chemistry experiments

Developing microscale chemistry experiments has been a recent initiative. The traditional chemistry experiments are expensive and also these procedure involves disposal problems and safety hazards. An attractive alternative to these traditional methods is simple, cheap microscale chemistry experiments , using small quantities of chemicals and simple equipment. I have designed a lot of such simple equipment with disposable plastic bottles, exhausted pen-refills, plastic saline pipe with regulator and adhesive gum. Some simple educational experimentation methods for school students have also been developed by me. Using these methods, a student can easily generate many gases (e.g., H2, O2, CO2, NH3, Cl2, SO2, H2S and C2H2 ) and perform experiments to observe its properties. The method is safe, simple, cheap and eco-friendly. All of the experiments will be available gradually (free of cost) in this channel. Follow the channel.


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