Making Sulfur for Chemistry Experiments!!

I wanted to make some gunpowder, but I could not find any sulfur… so I watched a Youtube video.. They found a produce from a big box home improvement store, but I could not find the same thing.. I did find two other products with sulfur in them,.. so I made a video about purifying them. When I was young, it was the law that corporation were REQUIRED to tell you what they were selling you.. It appears that after 30 to 40 years of political corruption and courtroom legislation sponsored by corporation bribery.. the big money people finally change the ‘laws’ to allow them to keep the crap that the sell you on a nation-wide scale a ‘secret’, yet still make you the consumer, liable for the mystery toxins that you have to buy from these mega-monopolies!! I tell you total corruption runs the world!!! Anyway, here is a great video that can help you with your home chemistry sets.. a simple and inexpensive way to make purified sulfur, so you too can learn about the great science of chemistry!!


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  1. Pretty sure the slime was calcium oxide.
    Apparently you would heat the water, sulphur, calcium oxide mix to about 300 deg C. The sulphur will dissolve in solution at that temp. The Cal oxide will seperate. Pour of water sulphur mix to get 99% purity.

  2. I have been trying to extract sulfur from my grill ash. There are sulfide minerals in it, any acid added to it make the horrible H2S smell. I just found one sentence in Google on how to get it without fancy equipment. Bleach will decompose to ClO2 when acidified and selectively oxidize H2S to pure S. This isn't worth the trouble other than just for fun.

  3. Pick up some of that solvent I can't remember the name of but it starts with an x lol. Lowe's sells a gallon of it for $20. It's with the other paint thinners. Then you can find a video on how to purify it but it's really easy.

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