Liquid Nitrogen Experiments: The Superconductor

What happens when a magnet is placed on a superconductor? [Closed Captioned]


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  1. One quick question. Can we use liquid nitrogen to obtain low temperatures required for superconductors and can we use these superconductors for electrical transmission by liquid nitrogen? Please tell me the reasons as to why it can or cannot be used.
    Thank you

  2. Great video! I know it's old, but can I ask some questions regarding measurements?

    -size of the superconductor
    -flux density of the magnet
    – amount of liquid nitrogen to achieve superconductivity

    Two more questions, quite silly: how much liquid nitrogen would you need to superconduct a material the size of a city, like 1500km², and how powerful a magnet?

    I realise how super specific these questions are, so I appreciate if they're a bit too odd. Thanks, regardless!

  3. Now correct me if I'm wrong but if you covered a human being in magnetic material, and had a Olympic swimming pool size plate, you could potentially make a zero gravity field, that's intense, why has no one made a sport involving this

  4. That looks awfully much like one of those "infinite energy" things. Could you please explain what energy is used to keep this magnet up? Does the superconductor heat up because of it? I don't understand.

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