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Invisibility cloaks might sound like science fiction, but Ross of the Live Science Team shows you how a trick of light can make things disappear in this great experiment to try at home!

This video was presented by: Ross Exton, Live Science Video Producer
Produced by: Ross Exton & Seamus Foley, Big Screen Producer

The science of sweets:
Eyeball dissection:

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  1. Thx guys! this will be SUPER helpful to me and the team! Plz make more of these videos about how to make an object "disappear" (P.S. the team is not on youtube.) We love this channel!!

  2. So to make an invisibility suit we'd need to find a material that refracts light the same way the air around us does, or instead be in a room filled with gas that refracts light the same way our body does?

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