How to make Magnetic Fluid (ferro fluid)

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In this episode we will show you how to create your own ferro fluid using oil, toner and a magnet.

Shopping List:
1. MICR Toner (Office Supply Store)
2. Rare Earth Magnet (Hardware store)
3. Vegetable Oil (Grocery Store)

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  1. So, if you use magenta toner, do you get magenta ferrofluid?
    I just discovered 2 new old-stock, unused toner cartridges for printers we replaced 10 years ago. I also have a bunch of magnets I took out of hard drives (Rubs hands) Bwahahaha!

  2. Help please! I am making All the steps that the video says, and my toner Is magnetic, because the powdered toner Is atracted by my neodimium magnet, but it doesnt spikes! Please help, I need this for my Science fair!

  3. If you have any old or broken hard drives you can get a neodymium magnet from it that should be a decent size, and I have even had some hard drives which have 2 of them. Older hard drives seem to have larger magnets for some reason in my experience so the older the better. Be careful with the larger ones, because they are extremely powerful. I broke and cut the tips of two fingers when two larger sized neodymium magnets snapped together when they got too close to each other. Also be careful where you stick your magnets, more than once I have got one stuck on a flat surface that I cannot get enough leverage to remove the magnet.

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