How to make Distilled Water


The distilled water is very pure water & its pH is 7, which is neutral; however this distilled water may be difficult to obtain due to carbon-dioxide that dissolves in the distilled water, making it acidic; there are ways to neutralize the distilled water if this occurs.

Due to the dissolved carbon-dioxide, the acidic distilled water may become absorbent; it may absorb toxins & nutrients in the body if you ingest it.

For those who like written directions:
1. Fill stainless steel pot 1/4 with tap water.
2. Place fire-proof glass bowl on water so it is floating.
3. Turn glass lid upside down on pot & fill with ice, cold water, or icepacks.
4. Turn on stove until water in pot comes to boil, then let it simmer; do not allow water in glass bowl to come to a bowl; if it does, lower the temperature.
Keep adding water, ice, or icepacks on the lid when it turns warm/hot, until you’ve collected your amount of distilled water.

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  1. I’d rather just buy distilled water was looking on how to make it thinking it would be easier to make rather than buy for my steam cleaner but I’m just going to be buying it instead

  2. Also….Instead of loose ice….Put some water in the lid…freeze a few small quart size freezer bags of water and float them in the water in the lid till they melt…then swap for another frozen bag…that way you don't stop the condensation process by lifting the lid…However, your initial thoughts were spot on….You should strive for a chemical engineering degree young Lady!!

  3. If you REALLY want something GOOD to drink….Use cheap box wine instead of water…put a stainless steel colander upside down in the pot to set a Pyrex measuring cup on to collect the condensate …. and bring the heat up just enough to see liquid condense on the lid and drip without boiling the wine….
    TA DAAAA…..Instant brandy!!! 😉

  4. Some of these comments are so funny – Are you kidding? Maybe you need to read and research a little more than watching YouTube. Some of these comments sound like she invented the process..distilling alcohol has been around since at 1st century and anciet manuscripts centuries earlier talk about ancient sailors doing this on long sea voyages to make fresh water. In fact, they believe the process could go back to prehistoric time shortly after fire was first made useable and at control of man. What she describes here is basically what most children first learn in school at least when I went to school. They know people have been distilling liquor since at least first century AD which by that time there were 4 different types of stills. The ancient Egyptians distilled rose petals for rosewater by 400 BC. and would have understood the process before getting to that point. Different areas of the world began the process at different times. This isn’t exactly new – just read a little. Thus my not understanding what the big deal is about what she is doing.

    What I will say here is this process doesn’t remove all the impurities – volatile organic and things like mercury vaporize with the water. Read about distilled vs deionized water.


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