How to Make a Projector using bulb at Home

DIY : Learn how to make a projector using incandescent lamp. It requires torch, bulb and transparent sheet. It’s very simple home made projector show how the projector works.

Working of Projector:

Fb Page:



Its Physics working models for science exhibition

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  1. Simplified version of this:
    Get a bulb or clear bottle, pour water inside as it creates a magnifying glass-like effect. Get a torchlight. Balance the torchlight and let it face the bulb/bottle at a close distance and use a thick material to prevent the light from the torch from escaping into the background before it hits the bulb/bottle.
    Whatever image is between the bulb and the light gets projected unto a surface adjacent to the light source.


  2. Sir I am student of 10th class ,and I,ll make this projector for my science fair and I ,ll got the first position in 2 times school and district level sir thanks a lot for this projector.

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