How to grow beautiful crystals of salt – do your chemical experiment!

Interesting chemical experiments:
Hello everyone, today we’ll be growing beautiful single crystals. Crystals can be grown from almost any salt, however, for a better result I suggest using the copper sulfate one. Of course, you may also use an ordinary table salt for growing the crystals. The very first thing you should do before you’ll start growing a crystal is to make a growing seed. Seed is a small crystal that is immersed in the solution, and that will grow there. It should be about the size of a pea. At first, lets take a glass and pour there a third or a half of the amount of a salt. Next, pour some hot water into the cup and stir it all. If you’ve added less, then you’ll need to keep adding salt until it’s no longer dissolvable. And after the salt is no longer dissolving and the solution become saturated it must now be filtered to get rid of various impurities. After filtration, add to the bottom of the glass a little copper sulfate and leave this glass for a few days to let the crystals form. After a day or so you should find at the bottom of the glass that there’s a lot of beautiful crystals has been formed, about the size of a pea. Now we merge the solution into another cup, to pick open interlocked crystal mass. Take any knife or any other sharp tool and drill the crystal mass. Once we’ve scratched it all, pour everything into a bowl. Choose the smoothest and large crystal. Also, I advise you not to take the copper sulfate with your bare hands, it is better to do it with gloves on. Once we’ve chosen the largest crystal, it must be now tied to a thread. To do this, I came up with an interesting system in which you can conveniently change the height of the crystal. Also with this system the cup is protected from dust. We hung the crystal to a cup, and now all we do is wait. Growing crystals requires a lot of time and patience. When I was doing it before I was also growing a crystal out of mixture of potassium chloride and sodium chloride in parallel with making the crystal of copper sulfate. If you want to get a very smooth and a beautiful single crystal, you’ll need to filter the solution every two weeks to maintain its cleanliness. If the solution is dirty, a crooked crystal will grow and you’ll get polycrystal instead of that single crystal we want. Polycrystal is when a lot of crystals fused together.
In this video, I will teach you how to grow crystals of salt at home. Growing crystals is very interesting and exciting hobby. Facebook:


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