Homemade Laughing Gas – Don’t Tell Mom We’re Doing Experiments in the Garage 4

Volcanoes are awesome. Encarta ’98 lists them as the third most awesome thing in the universe, just under submarines, and freestyle rap battling. That’s why we decided to make one– but not like that stupid one you made for Mr. Schwartzman’s fourth grade science class and got a D on– an actual good one.

We’ve discovered that by substituting the typical baking soda and vinegar combo with Big Red soda, the volcano becomes much more interesting. And by interesting, we mean dangerous, and most likely illegal.

Don’t try this at home, unless your home is very well insured. In that case, go for it.

And don’t tell Mom we’re doing experiments in the garage.

– Kip and Whirl

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  1. If you're trying to learn how to make laughing gas, heat ammonium nitrate from ice packs to 250 degrees C, not over 300 degrees C, don't use a flame to heat it. The product contains amounts of deadly NO2 in addition to your N2O so don't breathe it, junkies. It will damage your lungs and cause pulmonary edema. The reaction is difficult to control because it is exothermic, so it can easily spontaneously detonate. NH4NO3 -> 2H2O+N2O

  2. I am lost
    Not as lost as you guys
    Did you actually watch what you made?
    How can you actually think you have contributed to life on Earth?
    There are children starving, oppressed people etc.
    If you made any money from this video, I hope you spent the money buying a mirror

  3. Thumbs down for "Brazilian mud farm". I grew up in a brazilian farm and I'm very proud of my inheritance. Don't speak as if you even know what my country is about. And above all, don't mock anybody origin. And our science projects here were about serious stuff, the type american schools don't teach because students are too dumb to understand. See? Does it feel bad? Yeah, you got the point.

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