Fun with Solids, Liquids and Gas – Science Experiments For Children To Do At Home

More fun and easy science experiments for children to do at home from The Quirkles. It is a solid…No, it is liquid….Watch out! It is a gas! There’s a fun explosion at the end 🙂

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Ice cubes
Small plastic bag with zipper top
Antacid tablet

Put the ice cube(solid) in the bag and close the top. Rub the bag in the palm of your hand to melt the ice. The ice can be placed in the sunlight or in warm water for faster results. The bag is now filled with water, which is a liquid. Open the bag and place an antacid tablet in the water. Reseal the bag and watch the gas form!

The antacid will dissolve and the bag will expand. When the antacid is placed into the water, carbon dioxide gas is formed. The bag could pop if two or three tablets are placed into the water. Be sure and wear your safety goggles! This is a great activity to demonstrate the states of matter.


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  1. The philosophy behind the Quirkles Science Series is to introduce science concepts as early as kindergarten (many times younger) and build upon these concepts. Depending on how you are using this experiment it would be appropriate for kindergarten through fourth. Obviously, younger children would need more guidance and may need to demo. Socks or gloves can be worn on hands if needed

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