Fun Science Experiments : How to Make a Miniature Volcano

Making a miniature volcano is simple by mixing in a small container baking soda, a bit of dish soap and vinegar that has been dyed red. See this volcanic chemical reaction with a demonstration from a science teacher in this free video on science.

Expert: Colin Kilbane
Bio: Colin Kilbane is the head scientist of a school program called Mad Science.
Filmmaker: Ryan Ouradnik


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  1. i just added 16spoons of baking soda. 4ml of food coloring and 29 ml of viniger.i did it at home.the volcano busted and the wall were painted orange.hahahaha

  2. cool vid man! me and my cousin built a volcano out of sand and we but 2 bottles of baking soda at the bottom and put 1 quart of "lava" which made a big runover

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