Making clean and tasty water with cool science!

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  1. Flocculants will be the doom of the world if it continues to be used to the extent it is used today. Everything that precipitates with aluminum or ferrous sulphate becomes completely useless as fertilizer when the nutrients are locked. Even lakes and watercourses in which flocculation chemicals are released get very clear water, but nutrient-poor so the microorganisms die and the food chain is disturbed.

  2. Hi. What happens, for example, if i use this method to flocculate water with a clay content ? I´m interested to know about the flocculate material instead of water, the final material is completly diferent from the original one (after dry) or the material turn back to clay powder after dried ?

  3. Hello

    Can I ask do you know exactly the difference between TOC , DOC , Turbidity?

    could you help me with this

    Humic acid and fluvic acids are a cause of turbidity or DOC?

    Thanks alot

  4. I didn’t know you could use something like Alum for this!!! I used to use Alum to make crystals when I was a kid! ^^

    So…after flocculation using alum, skimming and filtering the water a few times, is the water safe to drink?

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