Experiments with a Hydrogen Thyratron

In this video I did some experiments with a TGI1-50/5 hydrogen thyratron. The circuit used in the experiments was discussed in detail. http://www.kerrywong.com/2019/03/03/experiments-with-a-hydrogen-thyratron


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  1. Safety precautions you say? No rubber gloves and all the wiring is completely exposed. You were probably doing this by yourself with no one around to perform CPR. I know you are careful but just trying to be careful is often not good enough. Take care…..

  2. An interesting device Kerry, thanks for the video.
    But given the high voltages involved, I would like to have seen a more sturdy testbed system. Not just for safety, but for clarity as well. And I would also have liked to see some scope traces, and possibly some characterization of the device. eg: trigger voltages required, variation with hydrogen generator voltage etc..
    But I know some of that would take a lot more work to do, so thanks anyway.

  3. I've always been fascinated with Thyratrons. Back in the early 1960s in 8th grade built a thyratron based proximity detector using a 2D21 miniature tube. Recently for fun I rebuilt the circuit.

  4. Really nice! Do you think that is possible to have these thyratrons to have around 10ns HV (~2kV) pulse width? Or what would be the minimum pulse width for these devices? Doesn't need to be your specific model.

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