Eternal K-Hole of the Spotless Mind

Timmy Davis is not an alcoholic. But like many twenty-something students, he’s worried he may be drinking too much.

And cutting down isn’t easy. The feel-good memory associations that our minds create – between the sight of a cold pint of beer and pleasure, for instance – lead to the cravings that sustain addictive behaviour, and cause us to relapse.

Dr. Ravi Das is a neuropsychopharmacologist at University College London whose research explores whether we can intervene in addiction by weakening those memories. His latest experiment theorises that ketamine – a controlled drug notorious for its recreational use (to attain a state of intense dissociation and incapacitation described as a ‘K-hole’) – may have the makings of the elusive ‘forgetting pill’ – a drug that, administered under correct clinical conditions, can weaken specific memories safely.

Timmy has volunteered for Dr. Das’ latest experiment, in which 90 volunteers will receive a ketamine infusion in a controlled setting. Timmy is no stranger to psychedelics. But could a drug he has previously encountered recreationally really help him cut down his drinking?

High Society is a VICE documentary series about drugs in the UK.

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  1. VICE follows Timmy Davis, a 24-year-old who thinks he may be drinking too much, in a new study that explores whether ketamine can curb addiction by weakening our memories of the pleasure we get from drinking alcohol.

    WATCH NEXT: Inside The Laughing Gas Black Market: High Society –

  2. Ketamine treats depression I thought (that's what I bought my gram for anyways). For any addiction, one must seek Mother Ayahuasca. I quit Fortnite real quick after 3 sessions.

  3. To my experience ppl in the West Countries are hard for them to get rid off less harmful addictions such as cigarettes or alcohol because ur brain tells you or infuluance u that cigarette or alcohol are less harmful than such as cocain or other drugs that makes you high as fuck..! Because u see around u such as cigarette or alcohol more socially acceptable than other drugs..! So it’s not the memory it’s because majority of ppl doing it..! Specially in the company of those u hang out soon or later u get tired of fighting it..! No matter how much commitment or focus u show still naada:) . The best way for guys like him he has to surround himself with things like sports or to go out do more activities because too much of study makes the brain tired and when u come out of study the best break u want to take to remove that boredom u look for cigarette or alcohol because you have done it before and ur mind gives always the first impression of that memory of how you used to remove ur boredom..! Or he has to find nice girl to him to be good all the time..!! But now a days girls are not good at commitment relationships they want a big hard ice cream to jump up..

  4. Physicians who are familiar with alcoholism agree there is no such thing as making a normal drinker out of an alcoholic. Science may one day accomplish this, but it hasn’t done so yet.

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