DIY FIRE TORNADO with no moving parts

As a natural phenomenon, Fire Tornadoes mystify and inspire awe. This is the science behind, plus, how to easily create a homebrew version! This method is patented.
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Special thanks to Chris Tangey for his footage of an Australian Fire tornado. The footage is solely owned by him, and copyrighted. All use must be in written approval by Mr. Tangey.

Chris is an incredible videographer based out of Australia. Check out his Youtube channel for dozens of beautiful shots:

| FIRE TORNADO | The science behind & HOW TO!


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  1. were you able to cut through the glass just using the dremel without anything else and how about the cut along the length? would have been nice if you showed that

  2. Add a bit of copper wire to the top of your flame and get….. GREEN FIRE TORNADO!! In fact, by adding small amounts of chemical compounds to your fuel such as Sodium Chloride, or, you know, common salt, or potassium chloride (ahem, that weird diet salt) you can get red or purple flames. Adding oxygen will give you an insane blue flame, and a LOT of heat.
    Awesome video Jay! Keep it up!

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