Diet Coke & Mentos | MythBusters

Adam and Jamie explore the science behind the fabled Diet Coke and Mentos phenomenon. | For more, visit

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  1. As a scientist I'm always frustrated by Mythbusters claiming to use science. They abuse it for entertainment. In this case they didn't prove that nucleation is the process taking place, they simply failed to disprove that it is the process taking place. I see this kind of fallacy on their show at least half the episodes. My kids love it but it's so frustrating to see them fail to do something in a very small number of tries, and then claim it's busted. If you succeed at something, you've proved it possible, but if you fail at something, you've only proven that it failed under the conditions of your experiment. I wouldn't have such an issue with it if Adam and Jamie weren't both such outspoken skeptics, and yet they refuse to apply the principles of skepticism to their own show.

  2. I used to respect these two guys. Until they played an episode showing that Free Energy is not true. Then I knew that they are 2 clowns hired by Shell & Caltex…Shame on you both, you should be the first to advocate saving the planet on the verge of collapse. But I guess every man has a price.

  3. this goes for all myth and busters videos, i like them all. because i used to watch them when i was in 4th grade. And ther just fun to watch. they also give you good and fun information.

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