I did not sent this out to my subscriber feed, so I don’t know how you found this video.

A collection of some of the oddball mercury experiments I have done over the years. A few clips have never been seen before.

I show how it reacts to nitric acid, dry ice, and show how dense it is by floating ball bearings, bullets, and how it pours into a water balloon with a funnel.


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  2. You know, I always wondered…what are the properties of sound under liquid mercury. Like using a hydrophone to record sounds underwater, I wonder if the same could be done with mercury and what effect would it have on the sound?

  3. One question 😛 ? I broke my thermometer it broke crashing with the wall , the curtain is like 3 cm above the floor , the balls are everywhere around that little area but my quesiton is , the mercury reach the curtain ? Because the chock of hiting the wall , I thought it could jump a little because of the hit , and reach de curtain and then fall of course but it doesn't seem to jump at all

  4. frozen mercury is a neat concept. can Taofledermaus make a 12 ga. slug with it and shoot it? if not, how about going to the other end of the spectrum…..a super dense block of mercury armored plate.

  5. You should put a water strider on mercury to see if it can skate on the surface tension the same way it does on water. You might add an fly also to see if it can sense it and capture it the way it does on water.

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