Cool chemical experiments – Win compilation

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  1. Hi
    My name is Narsimha reddy I am from India
    I need help one chemical reaction formula

    please see this video s u can understand easily my question in this video person applied one chemical this chemical not effect the bond paper and not harmful only power effect the matchstick
    how to burn match stick in air couple of niches distance of chemical coated bond paper
    Matchstick made phottasium chlorate and antimony trisufate and other chemical

    how to react Without touching any chemical and any rapid reaction

    Ple listen my conditions
    1.applied chemical not effect the bond paper men's not burn bond paper and not harmful
    2.Chemical not touching matchstick only power effect the matchstick head then burn match
    3 .only burn matchstick head burn in near by chemical coated bond paper (3 to4 inches distance)
    4.Chemical power working minmam 2 days

    I need exactly video type reaction
    I need chemical name which chemicals used in this video s
    I have fully hope u can give the answer

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