Coca Cola vs Coca Cola Zero – Awesome Science Experiments

Coca Cola vs Coca Cola Zero – Sugar Experiment – Science Experiments with Coca-Cola by Home Science
In the experiment, a regular soda was first tested in high heat. Boiling the beverage will take away the water from the regular version. After 20 minutes of stirring and letting the soda boil in the nonstick pan, the sugar found in the product caramelized, leaving a ton of sugar on the pan.

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After the regular soda bottle, the sugar test proceeded with no sugar soda.
Talking one bottle of the mentioned soda variety, the some thing was done to the soda.
It was also subjected to very high heat until it boiled and the water was gone. quite surprising is the fact that the no sugar soda did not stand up to its name – almost anyway.
There is still a bit of sugar on the pan, but it is so negligible compared to the result of boiling regular soda.

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  1. This was kept from consumers for years. The reason the sugar is so well hidden in cola is the fact that it's carbonated….it continuously mixes the sugar with water and other ingredients so you don't notice. One bottle has at least 4-6 teaspoons of sugar. I want to try this experiment with beer, particularly malt liquor. Malt liquor has at least this much sugar in it if not more!!

  2. Nunca vi um experimento tão inútil. Se é zero açúcar é adoçado com adoçantes artificiais que é muito pior para a saúde que o açúcar pois são neurotóxicos. Aspartame na corrente sanguínea se converte em acido fórmico o mesmo que se usa para matar formigas. Todos os adoçantes artificiais tem neurotoxicidade e causam inclusive tendência suicida.

    I've never seen such a useless experiment. If it is zero sugar is sweetened with artificial sweeteners that is much worse for health than sugar because they are neurotoxic. Aspartame in the bloodstream converts to formic acid the same as that used to kill ants. All artificial sweeteners have neurotoxicity and even cause suicidal tendency.

  3. Proves nothing! Sugar free is poison, sugar is only bad if you are a fat lazy person who eats enough to feed an army! So get off your fat ass and STOP being a SLOB!!!

  4. I bought one coke tonight. And I was checking on how much money they make per year.and now I'm realy scared of the sugar . And I'm hesitating should i drink it or not.

  5. Campden Tablets can be Replaced with Potassium Metabisulfite Solution
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    Coca Cola vs Coca Cola Zero – Awesome Science Experiments

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