Class 10 Science – Physics – Magnetic field due to a current carrying conductor

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Class 10 Physics – Magnetic effects of electric current
We have studied what are charges and how they flow in an electric circuit. Now all of us know what a magnet is. Magnet is something that attracts some particular metals. Now does a current carrying wire has some magnetic field associated with it? What if we bring a compass near a current carrying wire? Will it deflect? This question will be answered through this chapter. In this chapter, we’ll learn
1. What are magnets and magnetic poles?
2. What are magnetic lines of force?
3. Magnetic field due to current carrying conductor.
4. Magnetic field due to a circular current carrying coil.
5. What is a solenoid?
6. Force on a current carrying conductor.
7. What is an electrical motor? What are its different components? How does it work?
8. What is electromagnetic induction?
9. Mutual inductance and direction of induced current.
10. What is electrical generator?
11. Comparison of D.C and A.C generator.

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