Capillary action in plants experiment with paper towel – Science experiments for kids

Capillary action in plants experiment with paper towel – Science experiments for kids

You’ll need:
• Two glasses
• Color water
• A paper towel or a tissue paper
Capillary effect: The movement of a liquid along the surface of a solid caused by the attraction of molecules of the liquid to the molecules of the solid.
• Take two glasses
• Put them side by side
• Fill one of the glass with color water
• Now take a paper towel
• Pin fold it or fold it into middle
• Dip one of the ends of the paper into the color water and put the other end into the glass one beside it
• Leave it for few hours
• You can observe that the color water gets transferred into the empty glass through paper towel
• Its keeps flowing into the glass till they attain equal amount of water in both of them

A Closer Look

Molecules of water are naturally attracted to each other and form temporary hydrogen bonds with each other; their attraction for each other on the surface of a liquid, gives rise to surface tension. But they are also attracted in a similar way to other molecules, called hydrophilic molecules, such as those in the fibers of a towel; these attractive forces can draw water upward against the force of gravity to a certain degree.


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  1. Nope, this is yet another example of energy being displaced by matter. Dark energy is displaced by matter creating a cascading effect of pressure we call gravity.

  2. I don't get it. If capillary action is the movement of the liquid along the surface of a solid, why doesn't the liquid move along the glass, isn't glass solid? Something is wrong here. Either the definition of a solid is misdefined or you need to redefine the word solid correctly, what type of solid.

  3. Did you know? Adhesion is when water is attracted to other materials, and Cohesion is when water is attracted to itself (hydrogen bonds). Adhesion and cohesion qualities of water work together to transport water. This is essential for transpiration to take place in nature, which is the movement of water, working against gravity, to the leaves of a plant.

  4. Good and informative video, but no like from me because of the logos flying all over the video. This is very distracting and annoying, recommend to remove for future videos.

  5. I did this using a purple food color tablet left from easter and a paper towel The glass that the purple water transferred to was light blue. I cannot figure this out. Do you have any answers? The purple color went up the side of the purple towel and right at the point where it was bent turned blue as the liquid transferred to the empty cup. 

  6. Good positive thinking but it would be more cost efficient to let it flow, as in hydro turbine. This capillary stuff is what helps a lot of living things to tick over nicely, including plants/trees and humans.

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