Bromine Experiments

Do not try anything you see in this video at home. Even 50% concentration of liquid bromine is very dangerous, the fumes could permanently damage your lungs. The liquid bromine in this video was homemade using full safety precautions in a proper laboratory environment. The bromine was synthesized by electrolysis of a saturated Sodium Bromide solution with some potassium dichromate added in. Never the less, bromine can be extremely fascinating to study. More videos like this to come. Stay tuned and please leave comments or questions below. Enjoy.


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  1. My chemistry teacher showed us the halogens today and dropped the vial of bromine. After she had finished swearing she shouted to us 'get out' as the purple vapour started appearing from the puddle. She quickly poured Thiocyanate on it though. Has she ruined my insides?!

  2. @aftershock5313 I know what he meant, I was being sarcastic. At the time, I had just had my braces put in and absolutely couldn't stop making that sound for 2 weeks after this video. The next video with pure bromine will be much better, without the distracting sounds, and featuring scientific explanations of the experiments.

  3. @DJFamou5 You may be pleased to know I have perfect the dehydration process in order to make pure liquid bromine from the solution in this video. I will be filming some experiments with pure liquid bromine very soon.

  4. @DJFamou5 Well, yes AND no. I encourage you to watch it again, I explain that this is solution of about 50% concentration of bromine (100% being pure liquid bromine). However, bromine isn't actually soluble enough in water to make a 50% concentration. This solution is 50% liquid bromine, 47% water, 2% sodium bromide (aq.), and 1% potassium dichromate. This special solution can only be made with electrolysis, not by mixing the components in the ratios described.

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