Bill Nye Explains Climate Change, Acidification With Simple Science Experiments | TODAY

Known for his Emmy-winning children’s show “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” Bill Nye joins TODAY on Earth Day and demonstrates rising ocean levels and ocean acidification with simple, small-scale
science experiments. Nye, who hosts a new Netflix show called “Bill Nye Saves the World,” says, “If you like to worry about things, you’re living at a great time.”
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Bill Nye Explains Climate Change, Acidification With Simple Science Experiments | TODAY


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  1. He doesn't explain Climate Change, he explains how matter expands when energy is put into it. And then bullshits us about vinegar. There is nothing wrong with CO2 absolving into water, it happens all the time in large numbers and no living creature is negatively affected by it.

  2. this experiment doesn't prove anything. the earth isn't a test tube its a series of systems working together that we don't even completely  understand yet. no ones ever done a greenhouse effect test on a large scale like the earth, and don't even add all variables for real world application

  3. A science guy LMFAO he can't be or he would know the science behind this.

    The boiling/heated beaker water rise. If you look at it you will see the science behind it.
    The bottom is collecting a lot of bubbles while the top has 0 bubbles. The expanding water is because of mass of air changing in the bottom pushing the water up.

    Now the vinegar bottle it's cap has already been opened. The seal is broken so how do we know additive wasn't added. BTW her blowing into the beaker didn't change color so much so it can be science proven debunked. As she blow into it the sediment got remixed into the liquid.

  4. I find it funny how they believe this guy. Yet will not believe a used car salesman. WELL MAYBE THESE PEOPLE DO

    Bill aka William Sanford Nye is an actor who gets paid 50k to 75k per appearance. Who was the son of Edwin Darby Nye a SALESMAN.

    He is only using salesman techniques his dad taught him & spreading lies he is told & PAID to spread.

  5. The climate is changing. I also made my last video about the snowy blizzard that hit Romania (and not only). Although the images are absolutely fantastic, snowing in April is not a common thing here. Check it out on my channel if you like.

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