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Hello beautiful people! I hope you enjoy lego and tiny science!


This video is a compilation of six different Lego Science short videos I made for Instagram, along with an extended explanation of the Science behind each clip.

1. Domino’s falling. Standing up domino’s have gravitational potential energy. When they are given a nudge, this energy is transformed into kinetic energy (the energy of movement)
2. Solenoid. A solenoid is basically an electromagnet. Simple a coil of insulated copper wire with an electric current flowing through it. When the circuit is complete, and electricity flows, the coil becomes magnetic, pulling the inner iron bar downwards.
3. Concave parabolic reflector. This metal reflecting dish focuses the sunlight to a central point. It produces a concentrated area of energy which raises the temperature (average kinetic energy of the particles) substantially.
4. The M&M’s bottle contains an Aspro and water. As the Aspro dissolves and produces carbon dioxide gas, eventually the pressure blows off the lid!
5. Gyroscope. A spinning mass has stability in its plane of motion. This principle is used to stabilize drones, bikes, compasses on ship, satellites and military binoculars.
6. Volcano. Some sulfur is mixed with zinc powder and ignited. The resulting chemical reaction produces a puff of zinc sulfide and zinc sulfate.

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