Awesome Hydrogen and Oxygen Experiments!

In this video I isolate elemental hydrogen and oxygen and do a few interesting experiments with them

WARNING! This reaction uses CORROSIVE acids, FLAME, HIGH TEMPERATURES, EXPLOSIVE gases, and ecologically harmful MnO2. Do not repeat under any circumstances. I am not responsible for any harm that may come to you should you choose to duplicate this procedure!

Note on MnO2 (manganese dioxide): This compound is toxic to aquatic life and SHOULD NOT BE FLUSHED DOWN THE DRAIN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER!!! Instead, dilute the MnO2 waste from the flask and store it in an appropriate container. You can reuse this in the future to generate more oxygen from H2O2.


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  1. From all the other videos I've seen, the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen in a 2:1 ration results in the creation of water, energy, and a loud boom. Explain why there's a pop rather than a huge explosion.

  2. Have you noticed the amount of dislikes on all of your video's? It is happening with all of mine too. The liking rating on most of mine is a ration of like 1:1 like to dislike

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