Arduino based 3 Innovative Projects

NFI presents Arduino based 3 Innovative Projects:

1) Toll Tax Barrier
2) Hand motion Controlled Motor using Arduino
3) Arduino UNO Synchronization

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  1. hey friends i've got the idea of how the project 2 works….
    what he has done is that he has put a Photodiode and IR LED between 2 fingers..
    when his hand is open.. the IR doesn't get sensed by the Photodiode and thus the circuit is incomplete.
    But when he closes his fist the IR LED and the Photodiode come closer and the IR is sensed …
    thus completing the circuit and the motor starts. Thats the project decoded..
    also this thing can be produced by the use of an LDR.

  2. what is the principle of operation of project number 2? project number 1 and number 3 can be made easily but I want to know the principle of operation of project. can you give me details please?

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