Alkali Metals- why dont use Francium in Lab Experiments

Reaction between Alkali Metal and water
for educational purpose only.


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  1. Cesium: AAAAH I HATE WATER GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA whole glass bowl annihilated
    Potassium: JESUS CHRIST
    Rubidium: Wow, that's interesting.
    Lithium: H-How can I get to that point…
    Sodium: I hate that guy, such a show-off

    Francium: That's my boy.

  2. Ok Francium is not used because it has no stable isotopes and is almost impossible to find in nature, because of its half life of 22 minutes, also it's so reactive that even if you were to get some it would react with the moisture in the air and create a massive explosion, I mean massive. And Francium is radioactive, very radioactive. If you find some get rid of it or don't, because you'll already be dead due to the explosion.

    1. I think you are not smart, because Alkaline Metals react LESS in acids than Water.

      So I say no to ur comments, and your Comments is wrong.

  3. If you write the most reactive metal in the periodic table it will Caesium? Now that not actually true, it's simply because Francium is rare and no one have ever tested Francium in water, I don't know why people don't want to test out Francium.

  4. To those who say that they did not test francium because it would give you radiation that leads to cancer, i am not sure if the blown to bits pieces of your body could still get cancer if they are not alive anymore

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