A Weird Experiment

It’s not very often that I switch the cameras off and do an entire build without filming (don’t worry I wont make a habit of it) but the resulting puzzle of my “experiments” turned out juuuuust good enough to be worthy of a video.


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  1. You should try and make an X-Cube! Which is a 3x3x3 cross cube but with only 4 of the 1x3x3 extensions, so that it, well, makes an x shape

  2. Men I remember when I watched all your videos when you only had 1000 subscribers, i never though that you will one day have 171k, congratulations, and long life to your videos and creative ideas !
    Yougive me the envy to modify my own cubes, but i don't have the motivation to do that, one day maybe 😉
    (excuse my poor english, I'm French, and on etizolam, that doesn't helps for remember the words^^

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