6 Experiments With Magnet

In this video I show you 6 experiments with magnets:
1. Apples and magnet. For this experiment you need to build suspension from chop sticks. Put 2 apples at opposite ends of the stick and after that bring a magnet very close (you need very strong magnet. I’ve been trying with different apple varieties and this one shows best reaction to magnet.

2. Iron coins and big magnet. Сoins are standing vertically one on another if there is a strong magnet at some height above them.

3. Line from coins. Powerful magnet can hold a lot of coins, if they cling consistently.

4. Neodymium magnet and a high temperature. After heating neodymium magnet completely lost it’s magnetic properties.

5. Magnet and burnt matches. After burning matches’ head does react with magnet. Iron oxide has allocated in the heads of matches after combustion.

6. Old monitor and magnet. If you bring a magnet close to the monitor, the image begins to distort.


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