3 Simple Experiments with Science Alive!

Science Alive presents; three simple chemistry experiments that you can do at home.

Firstly you need a tub to contain the mess we’re going to create.

A small container is needed for the first fizzy experiment.

Pop some water and washing liquid in the container with a ratio of 1 to 1 – mix well

Add a few drops of the desired food colouring – stir well

Now for the key ingredients which cause this chemical reaction – a tbsp. of baking soda and a tbsp. of citric acid.

As soon as you add the citric acid, the reaction will begin, stir quickly to keep it going. This is a great example of an acid and base reacting together with liquid to create gas.

The next experiment will be more successful if full fat milk is used as the reaction is cause by the bipolar liquid soap molecules, chasing the fat molecules in the milk.

Get a plate, fill it will milk.

Add some food colouring drops, be careful not to mix them.

Then simply add the liquid soap. You can make this a full STEAM experience by folding some card, dropping it on the surface and leaving the marbled pattern of the food colouring to dry.

Our last experiment involves PVA glue and borax solution. You will need to mix the borax crystals and boiling water together until no more borax can be dissolved into the water. Add some food colouring to the PVA.

Then add the borax solution slowly, begin mixing and add more until the solution transforms into a slime – polymer (the bonds of the glue link with those of the borax solution like a chain to create a slime).

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